Blackpool Pre-school (0-4 years of age)

Funded by the Foyle Foundation, this project offers volunteer support to maintained nurseries, preschools and playgroups where a child with an additional need and/or disability is attending.

PIP volunteers are recruited to provide support to the setting to enable staff to spend time with children with SEN to help them meet their early years developmental goals and milestones.

Referrals should come from the setting, Area SENCO and Inclusion Officer. For further details please contact Emma Kirkham on 01253 899883 or Email:

Feedback from settings

‘Very supportive, it has helped out the staff members and provided the children with the extra help they need.’
‘The volunteers have made it easier to for the staff to focus on our ‘target child’. It has freed them up to be able to go the extra distance to meet the needs of the child.’
‘By having the volunteers our staff are given the chance to do one to one work with children with additional needs, this is something which is difficult to do without this support.’
‘The SENCO (the child’s key person) has been able to spend more time with him and complete the vast amount of paperwork involved.’
‘We have some children in the setting who require one to one and small group support. PIP volunteers have been excellent at working with other groups allowing staff to support the children. Volunteers have also been extremely flexible and happy to work within any area of the preschool room from messy play to music and movement.’

Activity Club

Funded by Blackpool Council Short Breaks

The Activity Club offers a short break to parents and carers of children with additional needs and disabilities during school holidays.

Children and young people from 8- 18 years of age have the opportunity to attend the PIP Activity Club at Devonshire Primary Academy during school holidays. This club runs every holiday from 10am-4pm and support staff are employed to provide 1:1 support to those who attend.

Children and young people get the opportunity to participate in a number of exciting activities inc. arts, crafts, dance, drama, sports based activities and sensory sessions as well as trips out in the local community including The Space Centre, Stanley Park, Bowling and trampolining.

For further details please contact Danielle Hackwood on 01253 899883 or Email –

Feedback from Parents

‘My son absolutely loves coming to PIP, he is always happy after attending and he is always talking about PIP Activity Club’
‘I’d like to thank PIP for having both my son and daughter today and taking them to the Space Centre and McDonalds.  They have obviously had a brilliant time as they are both shattered, and I had a break which was much needed.  The holidays are the most stressful time for us as a family and breaks from caring for these two, much as I love them, are essential.  Being able to leave these two with your staff who I am confident I can trust with their care gives me the opportunity to recharge my worn out batteries and the ability to make it through the holidays.  I don’t think you get enough recognition or appreciation for the essential role you provide for families like mine and the fact that while others are at home relaxing you are working so hard which is why I am posting this here.’