🎉A huge thank you from everyone at Play Inclusion Project, for the continued support from parents, guardians, outside organisations and those who donate funding. We are ever grateful at such unpredictable times.🎉

COVID-19 update: we have returned fully to the office and our weekly groups are back up running in all areas!

Following Government guidelines, bubbles for groups are no longer implemented. We are still committed to keeping all our children, young people, staff and volunteers safe. 


Find out more about our Blackpool Activity club.

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Find out more about the Preston Activity Club and weekly groups.

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Fylde & Wyre

Find out more about our Wyre Activity club, weekly groups and  Fylde Youth Club.

More info on our Fylde groups.

More info on our Wyre groups.

More info on our Transitional social groups.

Direct Payment Service

Find out more about our direct payment service.

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Very supportive, it has helped out the staff members and provided the children with the extra help they need

The volunteers have made it easier to for the staff to focus on our ‘target child’. It has freed them up to be able to go the extra distance to meet the needs of the child.

By having the volunteers our staff are given the chance to do one to one work with children with additional needs, this is something which is difficult to do without this support.

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