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Play Inclusion Project is a local registered charity with company status that supports children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in Blackpool, Preston, Fylde & Wyre. Play Inclusion Project was established in 1990 and works to promote the social inclusion of children and young people into social, educational and leisure opportunities within the local area.

Play Inclusion Project provides respite for parents and carers and activities for children and young people through  Activity Clubs during school holidays  and  weekly activities including after school club, youth clubs, bowling and trampolining sessions.  Volunteers are recruited by the charity to assist in their invaluable work.


Find out more about our Blackpool Pre-School and Activity clubs.

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Find our more about the Preston Activity Club.

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Find out more about our Fylde Youth Club & After School Club.

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Find out more about the Wyre Youth Club and Activity Club.

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Very supportive, it has helped out the staff members and provided the children with the extra help they need

The volunteers have made it easier to for the staff to focus on our ‘target child’. It has freed them up to be able to go the extra distance to meet the needs of the child.

By having the volunteers our staff are given the chance to do one to one work with children with additional needs, this is something which is difficult to do without this support.

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